May 21, 2022

20 coloring pages and Bible verse books to relax and reflect

Some days you just need a break. For many, studying calming Bible verses on patience to help you get through the day or powerful Bible verses on courage is a way to find balance in your busy life. But many have discovered another way that combines a time of deep devotion with art, especially coloring.

If you haven’t heard it, coloring isn’t just for kids (although their adorable Easter coloring pages deserve a permanent spot on the fridge!). Wonderfully inspiring Christian coloring pages and coloring books for adults (women and men), teens, tweens and toddlers are appearing online as instantly downloadable pages and in bookstores. Showcasing unique hand-written Bible verses and illustrations, these coloring pages offer a range of skill levels, from very complex for the most patient artist to more basic designs for children, all celebrating the scriptures in such a way. creative.

Because all you need is a Bible verse coloring book or sheet and a box of art supplies (crayons, colored pencils, or even paints), this is an activity you can do virtually anywhere. , whenever you can squeeze a moment. Whether you stay within the lines or not, exercise your artistic muscles as you deepen your relationship with God with these Bible verse coloring pages.