May 21, 2022

Christian politician investigated for publishing bible verse speaks out and says “We must obey God rather than man”

A Christian politician who is under police investigation for sharing a Bible verse on Facebook has spoken of her shocking ordeal.

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In June, Finnish politician Päivi Räsänen called on the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland for her participation in the Helsinki pride events, sharing a passage from Romans 1 to prove her point.

As a result, authorities have opened an investigation into Räsänen, who is a member of the Christian Democratic Party and also a former Minister of the Interior.

Speaking to Faithwire, Räsänen said she was motivated to share the scriptures after hearing that her church denomination decided to approve events that are at odds with the word of God.

“I was shocked that the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, of which I am a member, announced its official affiliation with Helsinki LGBT Pride 2019,” she explained.

“Our Church law states that ‘All doctrine must be examined and evaluated according to the Holy Word of God.’ Pride events celebrate acts and relationships that the Bible calls sinful and shameful. Based on these scriptures, I asked, ‘How can the doctrinal foundation of the church, the Bible, be compatible with the elevation of shame and sin as a matter of pride?’ “

Although she almost quit the church because of the issue, the politician instead chose to pray and seek God’s will for her next steps. “As I prayed, I was convinced that the time had come to try to wake up those who were sleeping, not to jump out of a sinking boat,” she said. “My aim was by no means to insult sexual minorities. My review was aimed at church leaders.

Thread of Faith: Christian politician under investigation by police for sharing bible verse on Facebook

Further, Räsänen was determined to stick to the notion that “everyone has the right to hear the whole truth of the Word of God, both the gospel and the law”.

She has refused to stop sharing scriptures and continues to stick to a biblical perspective on sexuality.

“Only people who recognize their sins need Jesus, the forgiveness of our sins,” she said. “That is why we must also have the courage to call same-sex relationships a sin.”

Räsänen accused of “agitation against an ethnic group”

One of the most shocking elements of this case is that the authorities have decided to accuse the politician of “agitation against an ethnic group” – an accusation which she says is not only false but also something that will also have serious ramifications for the Finnish Christian. community and freedom of religion as a whole.

“Already, the fact that a police investigation has been opened and that there is a suspect of a crime has a significant effect on freedom of expression and religion in practice,” she said. Faithwire.

“I fear that the police investigation has had a chilling effect among Christians. It seems that many Christians in my country are going into hiding and going in the closet now that the LGBT community has gone public. “

The politician said she feared Christians would be less and less inclined to share the scriptures on public platforms for fear of being arrested for offending a certain group of people.

However, instead of hiding and bending to the pervasive culture, Räsänen urged believers to keep talking and sharing the scriptures with others, regardless of the consequences. “We must obey God rather than man,” she said. “Believing that the Bible is the Word of God is a solid foundation for the gospel to bring new life and win hearts.

“I don’t mean to be defiant, but I will use my freedom of religion and also speak up accordingly, regardless of the outcome of this process and the police investigation. I encourage all people to use their freedom of religion also in current issues of debate. “

“This right is also guaranteed to us in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in the Finnish Constitution.

The specific biblical passage shared by politicians was from Romans 1: 24-27 and reads as follows:

“Therefore, God delivered them in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degradation of their bodies with one another.25 They traded the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator, who is forever praised. Amen.

26 Because of this, God gave them up to shameful lusts. Even their wives traded natural sex for unnatural ones. 27 Likewise, men have also let go of natural relationships with women and are ignited with lust for each other. Men have committed shameful acts with other men and have received within themselves the punishment due for their mistake.

The original Facebook post can be seen below: