May 21, 2022

Community fights back after bible verse is removed from locker room

A few days after the news of

the faithful community fights.

The community prints t-shirts with the same verse that has been repainted.

“It’s discrimination. They shouldn’t stop us from wanting to have our opinions too. Are we supposed to be behind everything? I don’t think so,” said Debbie Osborne, owner of Deb’s Place in Whitesburg.

Double Kwik handed them out during Friday night’s regional tournament at Letcher Central High School.

“It’s really important that we stand up and stand together for something that we believe in,” said Zachary Hall, second year student at Letcher Central.

Hall said that after the verse was withdrawn there had been some disagreement among the students.

“They were putting the bible verse back in place, some people said it was against the law to display religious things and there was a controversy among the students, but part of it died out,” said Lobby.

These shirts help bring people together.

“It’s really a refreshing thing to see all the unity we have because we share something in common,” Hall said.

The verse has special meaning for Hall.

“I used to play football for LCC and would come in and watch that everyday and it reminded me to keep going,” Hall said.

250 jerseys were distributed in the first 90 minutes of the tournament. Double Kwik plans to bring 750 more to Saturday’s game.