June 29, 2022

Did Nike reject Stephen Curry for wanting a bible verse on sneakers?

Stephen curry
Stephen Curry during the first half of the Warriors regular season game against Wolves. |

Over the past two weeks, a rumor has circulated on social media that NBA star and devout Christian Stephen Curry has been rejected by Nike for wanting a bible verse on a sneaker.

Various sites have claimed that the Golden State Warriors playmaker was rejected by Nike because he wanted to have Philippians 4:13 written on his sneakers.

“Nike was not happy that Curry used a sharpie to write a Bible verse on his shoes. So he broke that contract and went with a company open to his faith,” says the website Conservative Angle.

“Curry caused a stir when he broke his deal with Nike to partner with UA, but it was for a great cause. He wanted to incorporate his faith into his shoes so that he could promote a powerful message instead of one. other empty product, “asserted the credibility of the site.

Nike shoes are on display at a Niketown store in Beverly Hills, California, March 16, 2010. |

Michael Brown, radio personality, author and contributor to The Christian Post, commented on this claim in a recent column.

“Curry is an openly committed Christian and the best basketball player this year, and before he got a sneaker deal with Under Armor, Nike let him go twice,” Brown wrote.

“I’ve read articles speculating as to why Nike chose not to sign him, but we know that before signing with Under Armor he made it clear he wanted to put Phil 4:13 on the tongue. of the sneaker with the reading on the underside, ‘I can do anything.’ “

Brown expressed caution, however, noting that the sites “claimed this was another factor in Nike’s decision not to match Under Armor’s offer, but I was unable to comment on it. to verify”.

“If you can find any verifiable information on this, please post it in the comments section,” added Brown, saying he wouldn’t be surprised if this were true.

However, online fact-checking site Snopes noted that there was a strong lack of evidence regarding the claim that Curry and Nike had not reached a deal due to religious expression.

“Neither Curry nor Nike said the deal broke down because of his religious beliefs, nor did Curry claim that Nike would not let him put Bible verses on his shoes,” noted Snopes.

“We couldn’t find any reports indicating that religion was a motivator for Curry’s deal with Nike or Under Armor, and these rumors seem to have come entirely from someone’s Facebook page.”

The page in question, according to Snopes, was that of Ronnie Magtibay who posted the complaint on Facebook on February 18 and shared his statements more than 170,000 times.

Brian Betschart of online fashion magazine Sneakerfiles.com also denounced the claim that Nike rejected Curry because of his desire to put a bible verse on a sneaker.

“His contract with the Swoosh was set to expire and, according to reports, he was offered less than $ 2.5million a year. Under Armor, mostly known in the football world, offered Curry less than $ 4million. dollars per year (actual amount unknown) Curry gave Nike a second chance to match Under Amour’s bid, which declined, “Betschart wrote.

“At that time, Curry was not the player he is today and Nike was not sure if he could sell shoes. Under Armor took a chance and won.”