June 29, 2022

Neptune launches a new software management solution

Neptune Technological Group Inc. released a new cloud-based data management platform designed exclusively for the unique needs of water utilities.

With Neptune 360, a delivered-as-a-service data management platform, water utilities can stay focused on the water sector. The system is accessible anytime, anywhere via an Internet connection, and critical information is available with just a few clicks. Utilities no longer rely heavily on their internal IT resources to maintain software and a server – and automatically receive system updates.

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Protected by the highest level of encrypted security and equipped with disaster recovery and redundancy measures, Neptune 360 ​​features an intuitive and user-friendly design.

Utilities can adapt the flexible Neptune 360 ​​platform to scale seamlessly with their needs, share actionable data between departments, and simplify the transition from a mobile measurement system to a fixed network system. Neptune 360 ​​delivers the power of data presentation with easy-to-read graphical representation, GIS mapping, and alert notifications, all to enable proactive response capabilities to help resolve issues faster.

“With the power of Neptune 360, utilities can analyze data to focus on critical initiatives like free water or improving customer service,” said Chuck Brunson, vice president of marketing, Neptune Technology Group. “Utilities can plan for the future without the hassle of IT issues. They can free up staff to work on more profitable tasks and focus on the Water Business.

Neptune Technology Group Inc. is a technology company serving more than 4,000 water utilities in North America. For more information visit neptunetg.com.