May 21, 2022

Texas students harassed for Bible verse Easter egg hunt

Easter eggs
University of North Texas students said they were harassed for placing Easter eggs filled with Bible verses on the Denton, Texas campus on March 28, 2021. |

A group of politically conservative students at the University of North Texas said they were harassed by other students for distributing Easter eggs on campus filled with Bible verses.

On Sunday night, members of the Texas UNT Conservative Young Chapter placed 250 colored Easter eggs with Bible verses hidden inside around campus and posted a social media announcement about the egg hunt at advance.

Kelly Neidert, senior and president of YCT’s UNT chapter, told the Christian Post in an interview Wednesday that they hid the eggs in part to celebrate Easter and as something fun for students since the campus is subject to lockdown restrictions due to COVID-19.

“My group decided we wanted to do this event because our school has very strict COVID guidelines right now, and we just thought putting Easter eggs with Bible verses would be kind of fun for everyone and a good way to celebrate Easter without violating our COVID guidelines,” Neidert said.

Neidert told The College Fix in an interview earlier this week that half of the verses are about Easter and Christ, while others are uplifting Bible verses unrelated to Easter.

Due to the religious nature of Easter eggs, YCT members have been attacked on social media, including on an UNT Facebook group used by some 9,000 UNT students, parents and alumni, a reported The College Fix.

Neidert said the group was often attacked for their conservative beliefs, but the religious aspect of the event seemed to provoke students even more.

“They’re obsessed with harassing us just because that’s what they like to do,” Neidert told CP. “They don’t like us being conservative, but I think it was probably a little more inflammatory in their minds because of the religious aspect. And they don’t feel included in one way or another… [since] It is a Christian holiday. I think that was a big part of the problem they had with it.

Easter eggs
Easter eggs containing Bible verses seen on the University of North Texas campus in Denton on March 28, 2021. |

Neidert retweeted screenshots of some of the students slamming the Easter egg hunt. Some students accused them of littering, while others called on the student body to trample or throw the eggs. In reference to the Bible verses inside the eggs, a student wrote about Twitter: “Great! I was out of toilet paper.”

Eggs were found on campus with the Bible verse removed and condoms left inside.

In the past, UNT students have vandalized the YCT abortion memorial in memory of abortion victims. Neidert said she should have known that students would have the same response to Easter eggs.

Neidert showed CP screenshots of some of the students’ social media posts mocking the Easter eggs.

“Once the eggs came out, we got a lot more feedback from more students,” Neidert said. “They were trying to go and trample them. They said they were going to throw them away, and they just sent me nasty messages about the event.

Some parents of UNT students also joined in the criticism, saying the Bible verse Easter egg hunt was not appropriate because not everyone on campus was Christian, and suggested that the students should have filled the eggs with candy instead.

Neidert said many YCT students were disappointed with how the event went. But despite the backlash, she noted that some students seemed to enjoy the Easter eggs.

“It seems like a lot of students picked them up and just liked them, but I know some students threw them away as well,” Neidert added.

YCT is frequently attacked on college campuses across the state. At UNT last year, a petition to remove the club for so-called “hateful actions” – racism, transphobia and homophobia – received more than 2,700 signatures.

In response to demands from left-wing activists to remove the conservative club from campus, Neidert issued a statement on behalf of the YCT Chapter last July.

“We are not a perfect organization, but it is clear that some people want to disband us because we are conservative. …,” Neidert wrote. “Everyone on campus, including us, has First Amendment rights. We will stand shamelessly in our beliefs.