August 7, 2022

The bible verse on the memorial bench must be deleted

Charlotte County, Virginia (CBS) – A Bible verse on a memorial bench honoring a teenager from Charlotte County, Va., Who died last year, must now be removed.

Colton Osborne tragically passed away last year in an ATV accident and the community came together to honor his memory with a bench at Randolph Henry High School.

Osborne is remembered for his love of baseball, which is why the bench was placed next to the baseball field and reads: “I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me – Philippians 4:13. “

The Charlotte County School Board said the Bible verse was not in accordance with the law. This is why the school system worked with their lawyer to develop a policy on how to manage them.

Leonard says they found the memorial bench to be illegal because of the bible verse. Leonard went on to say that it was an idea and a community effort to place the bench on school property, and they installed it last spring when the school hosted a memorial service during a baseball game and dedicated the bench to Osborne’s memory.

They had no complaints about the bible verse, but Leonard says they must follow the law.

The school system said it was working with the family to find something different, like a quote, wording or something that was special for Colton to replace the bible verse.

The school system will also be responsible for paying for the changes.