May 21, 2022

Wolf Cubs Relief Steve Cishek Carries This Laminated Bible Verse With Him Every Time He Throws

Chicago Cubs relief pitcher Steve Cishek has revealed his secret to staying calm during those high pressure times on the baseball field – he keeps a Bible reminder in his back pocket.

Cishek, a 32-year-old right-hander from Falmouth, Mass., Has hidden a laminated Bible verse every game day since 2011. The verse?
Colossians 3:23:

“Whatever you do, work it with all your heart, as if you are working for the Lord and not for human masters. “

This deep booster keeps Cishek steady during times of stress.

“There’s so much pressure in this game,” the pitcher told Chicago’s. Messenger of the day. “More than you can imagine. When you’re outside and the lights are on, your heart pounding, I like to slow down and read it. It helps me put everything into perspective.

Below the verse are some simple tips to help Cishek get the most out of himself. “Stay gentle” one reads, while the other reminds her to keep “easy speed”.

On Instagram, the pitcher said having the card on match day gives him a few moments to “slow down for a moment reading it and remembering who I have to honor and who I am grateful for allowing me to play this game. . “

“It’s a privilege after all!” he added, before declaring that “God is good”.

Cishek, who proudly identifies himself as a “follower of Christ” on his social media biography, noted that a distinct “calm” invaded him whenever he pondered the verse in stressful times.

“I’m really calm, soft-spoken, but when I throw I’m really intense,” he explained. “Sometimes I can go too far where I’m too excited, so I just have to slow down a bit.”

Cishek pitched in 80 games last season, totaling some 70 innings – he’s the Cubs’ most frequently used relief pitcher and he’s known for his consistency. It’s no wonder why!